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MJ Engineering Motivates Their Team With Paint

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Team MJ Engineering held a sold out fundraising event at Painting with a Twist located in Latham, New York! Team MJ sipped their favorite beverages and enjoyed step-by-step instruction with an experienced and enthusiastic artist. They all left with a one-of-a-kind creation and a great team bonding experience!

We have no doubt that Team MJ will have artistic flair with their Bon Voyage themed build!

Community Contributions to 2017 CANstruction Effort!

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One of the biggest joys of The Board of Directors for Capital Region CANstruction is when businesses and community members reach out during the annual CANstruction program, asking how they can help. In addition to the Hunger Hero food + fund drives, we also occasionally hear from a group who wants to help us boost our impact, as M&T did this year.

In an effort led by Karen Walkowicz and Sonja Hotaling, co-chairs of the M & T Bank Community Service Committee for our Albany office, 566 lbs of food were collected and delivered to The Food Pantries as a donation to this year’s CANstruction program. Thank you M&T Bank!

On behalf of the effort, here is a guest blog from Karen:

When my colleagues and I at M&T Bank heard about this year’s successful Capital Region CANstruction Build Day, we knew we wanted to find a way to get involved and help The Food Pantries for the Capital District.

For those unfamiliar with M&T Bank, we were established in 1856 and have a long history as a community-focused bank serving the Albany / Hudson Valley. Locally, we have more than 450 employees providing banking, investment, insurance and mortgage financial services, including 100 employees based at our Ballston Lake office, where our most recent food drive took place.

We received a wonderful response from our Ballston Lake colleagues when it came to participating in our canned and boxed food collection. In total, we collected more than 566 pounds of goods in just a few short weeks with the help of our employees, management and incentives facilitated by our employee-driven Community Service Committee.

While we saw great results in the first few days, our Community Service Committee decided to drum up extra excitement by adding the incentive of a “dress down day” for anyone who made a donation. Customarily, “dress down days” are reserved for Fridays and employees need to make a $1 donation to our “Give a Child a Christmas” fund, where we help make holiday gift purchases for area children, in order to participate. By making a food donation employees were given a “dress down day” to use on any day other than Friday. This turned out to be a big hit!

On a more personal note, helping organize this food drive was a wonderful experience, but making the delivery to The Food Pantries for the Capital District on behalf of my colleagues at M&T Bank was second to none. Our local pantries need our support, and a food drive is a great way businesses and community members alike can make a huge difference.

Thank you to The Food Pantries for the Capital District for everything you do to make our community stronger.



Turner Construction Company looks forward to their first build day!

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Tomorrow is Capital Region CANstruction’s 7th Build Day! We are so excited for everyone to come check out the 16 amazing structures at the New York State Museum on Wednesday morning.  Don’t forget to bring non-perishable food items with you- each CANstructure will have a bin next to it and each food item you drop into a bin will count as one vote.  The structure that collects the most food (votes) will win the coveted “People’s Choice” award. This year, we have 15 returning build teams and one new team- Turner Construction Company.  We asked their team captain for a teaser as to what we can expect to see on Wednesday.  Here’s what he shared:   “As the only new team in 2017, we look forward to building our CANstructure alongside seasoned CANstruction veterans.  After all, this year’s theme is teamwork and we are all fighting hunger together.  Here is the footprint of our structure.  Can you guess what it is?”


The top 5 reasons why M+W Group participates in CANstruction

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We hope everyone is having a great weekend! On this lovely Saturday, 3 days until build day, we highlight the M+W Group build team.

This returning team is enthusiastic and creative- we can’t wait to see what they build next week.

Their team shared the top 5 reasons they participate in Capital Region CANstruction and a couple of photos from past years.


Top 5 Reasons we participate in CANstruction:

  1. The Food! Our team is committed to giving back to the community and helping our neighbors in need, and this provides us with an awesome and fun way to do so.
  2. The Team-work! CANstruction brings together people from different disciplines in our company and lets us work together towards the same goal outside of our everyday work.
  3. The Creativity Challenge!Everything from coming up with an idea to selecting cans and building the Can Structure challenges us to think creatively about what we’re doing and what our work might become. It’s not every day that you use pea soup to create hair on a super hero.
  4. The Structures! We love seeing what everyone else has made and it feels great to be a member of such an talented group of people.
  5. The Friendly Competition! It helps push us to be our best and donate as much money/food as possible.


CHA is counting down until Build Day!

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Only 4 days until 16 team create “Go Team” themed CANstructures on the 4th floor of the New York State Museum!

Today, Capital Region CANstruction celebrates CHA, who shares the following with us:

CHA Team Highlight Photo

The CHA Team CAN’t wait for build day! We’ve been involved with CANstruction since its inception in the Capital District and it’s near and dear to our hearts.  Our team has about a dozen members, but the staff at our Albany locations continues to support us through many fundraisers. We’re committed to responsibly improving the world we live in #theCHAway through Capital Region CANstruction! #thecansarecoming   It takes a BIG team to build something great and sustainable – We CAN’t do it alone!

Creighton Manning’s Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser a Success!

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Good morning!  We are just 5 days away from build day and the team at Creighton Manning is making us hungry this morning!  We are so thrilled that they’re a build team and are engaging their whole firm in the process!

More Pancakes  Pancakes   Don  Alanna

Creighton Manning staff served up pancakes, along with bacon, sausage, strawberries, and orange juice on Wednesday to raise funds for the firm’s CANstructure. This year was most successful, with 41 breakfasts served. The event raised $300 that will go directly to the firm’s CANstruction fund to purchase the cans, substrate, and other materials needed for build day.



“Everyone looks forward to it in the office,” Greg Gibbons, CANstruction Team Leader said. “It’s one of the Team’s largest and most successful fundraisers, and we’re so grateful to those who organize it each year.”


A special thank you to all the staff volunteers who work so hard to run the event and to everyone who donated the cause. The food was delicious!

Behind the scenes with the EYP team

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6 days until Build Day!

Exactly one week from today you can head to the New York State Museum to check out the 16 “Go Team” themed CANstructures! The New York State Museum opens at 9:30am. Be sure to bring non-perishable food items with you- you’ll use them as voting tools to vote for your favorite structures!

Today, we celebrate EYP with a guest blog post from their team captains:

EYP has been participating in CANstruction since its inception in the Capital Region 7 years ago. This year this team is led by Captains Shivanthi Narendran and Alanna Kellogg. Both have been participating in CANstruction for the past 3 years. Shivanthi is leading the team’s planning, design, and model. Alanna uses her skills to lead the team’s fundraising efforts. Together they have pledged to try and make this EYP’s most successful year!

They kicked things off as soon as possible, scheduling their first brainstorm session just days after the theme announcement. EYP wanted to make sure they started off on the right foot and secured the idea that they were most excited about. Team EYP also started fundraising early in the game with their first in-office fundraiser a month after the theme announcement.

The team has hit a few roadblocks along the way, but has taken everything in stride and with each challenge they dive in to find a solution as quickly as possible. The first challenge came with they started modeling their structure and realized one of the cans they had chosen would be extremely expensive at the quantity they needed and would eat up the majority of the funds they would have available for their structure. Nothing a quick trip and scavenger hunt at Price Chopper couldn’t fix!


One of the most memorable moments for EYP this CANstruction season happened back in December when the Food Pantries reached out to EYP and asked them to conduct a Hygiene Drive and gather hygiene products to be donated directly to St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry on Madison Ave. in Albany. The EYP Office collected boxes of shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, baby wipes, diapers, toothpaste, and many other hygiene items that we take for granted. Members of the EYP CANstruction team personally delivered their collection to the Food Pantry and volunteered for an hour to see how the Food Pantries operate and learn a little bit more about the impact that CANstruction has on the communities. The team describes it as an eye-opening experience that has reaffirmed why they are so passionate about this event each year.

Overall, EYP is looking forward to a successful 7th year participating in CANstruction and can’t wait to see the amazing structures that the other teams have come up with! Check out some of the photos of their fundraisers and their time at the Food Pantry!



Stantec is ready for year 2! 

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Happy Monday! 8 days until Build Day! We are so pleased that one of last year’s new teams, Stantec, is back for a second year.

Their team captain has shared the following guest blog post with us:

Stantec’s Albany team is so excited to kick off Canstruction for the second year in a row! Despite being a relatively small office (93 people) with tight work schedules and deadlines, we received a wonderful response this year when it came to participating in Canstruction as well as the fundraising efforts that come with it. So far, we’ve raised over $1,500 in just a few short months with the help of our staff, raffles facilitated by our office, and our Stantec corporate team.

Our team likes to kick off Canstruction with a brainstorming session—this is where we get the ideas flowing and collectively decide on a theme that will serve as a catalyst for an eye-popping structure! This year, with the help from leadership in our office, we chose a Soccer theme. To help us build, we were fortunate to receive boards to support the structure from MMC Millwork, a division of Greco Construction.

Final Rendering cropped

There are many reasons we participate in Canstruction, but our top five are:

  1. In Albany, Rensselaer, and Saratoga Counties approximately 67,000 people are food insecure. 23,000 are babies and children.
  2. The Food Pantries for the Capital District helps food pantries provide groceries for 2.5 million meals annually.
  3. This project has brought together multiple different departments within the Stantec Albany office and has created a sense of unity within the team, which is comprised of individuals who are typically not able to work together on the same project, given their dissimilar specialties.
  4. Our participation is bringing a greater awareness of hunger in community and helping numerous individuals in need… that in and of itself is the most rewarding element of this event.
  5. At Stantec, we’ve got community on the mind because we’re part of it. We aim to make a difference in the places where we live and work.

Hyman Hayes in the hunt with 9 days until build!

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As we are 9 days until the 7th annual Capital Region CANstruction build day, we have a guest blog from the Hyman Hayes team, as well as some photos they’ve shared with us!

Hyman Hayes Associates is looking to shock the competition at this year’s event and prove that they are a team to be on the hunt for in their second year. HHA laughed and bowled their way through some very successful fundraisers in order to be able to build a structure with close to 3,000 cans. Team captain John Link shared some thoughts on the work that has gone into this year’s work of art:


“Once our team found out that Go Team was the theme everyone seemed to explode with ideas on what we could create. After several votes with team members and all members of our office we feel we picked a great idea that will be enjoyed by everyone who sees it. The big obstacle was fundraising as we knew we would need a lot of cans to bring our idea to life. Our team did amazing work to help put together great nights of bowling and comedy that were enjoyed by all and finding many generous donors to help our cause of feeding the hungry. The team excitement has been so much fun to be a part of through the whole process and I can’t wait to build it and show off a little bit.”


Hyman Hayes has truly been a team on the go with a structure that will hopefully catch the eye of everyone who sees it.


With 11 days until Build Day, M.J. Engineering celebrates fundraising win!

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MJ Engineering, a loyal Capital Region CANstruction build team, took time to share some photos and a delicious recipe with Capital Region CANstruction:


Team MJ showed our love for CANstruction with some Valentine’s Day fundraising in the office! We held a chocolate covered strawberry sale and hosted our 4th annual chili cook-off competition. 16 participants battled it out for the ultimate bragging rights. The winner? Taco Tuesday Chili …. don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone where you got the recipe 😉

Crockpot Creamy Taco Chicken Chili

Our team was able to raise over $1,000 from the day’s events!! …. now on to the build! #thecansarecoming