13 Days and Counting!

Happy Wednesday– we’re halfway through the week and 13 days until Capital Region CANstruction Build Day!

The kW Mission Critical Engineering team is giving us a CANstruction teaser with their quote and photo below. We hope everyone will come check it out when the 7thannual Capital Region CANstruction exhibit opens at the NYS Museum on Wednesday March 8th!

“It wasn’t ruff to choose this year’s top dog to lead our team to victory in CANstruction 2017,” said Sara Hyland, Marketing Communications Director at kW Mission Critical Engineering. “Idita-right good job putting Greg at the head of the pack. He rounded up his crew and led the herd through design, label selection, and more. His only requirement… he wanted the Captain’s Hat! Happy to oblige. Thanks Greg Wilhelm!”


…and thank you to the entire kW Mission Critical Engineering CANstruction team!

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