Creighton Manning’s Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser a Success!

Good morning!  We are just 5 days away from build day and the team at Creighton Manning is making us hungry this morning!  We are so thrilled that they’re a build team and are engaging their whole firm in the process!

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Creighton Manning staff served up pancakes, along with bacon, sausage, strawberries, and orange juice on Wednesday to raise funds for the firm’s CANstructure. This year was most successful, with 41 breakfasts served. The event raised $300 that will go directly to the firm’s CANstruction fund to purchase the cans, substrate, and other materials needed for build day.



“Everyone looks forward to it in the office,” Greg Gibbons, CANstruction Team Leader said. “It’s one of the Team’s largest and most successful fundraisers, and we’re so grateful to those who organize it each year.”


A special thank you to all the staff volunteers who work so hard to run the event and to everyone who donated the cause. The food was delicious!

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