The top 5 reasons why M+W Group participates in CANstruction

We hope everyone is having a great weekend! On this lovely Saturday, 3 days until build day, we highlight the M+W Group build team.

This returning team is enthusiastic and creative- we can’t wait to see what they build next week.

Their team shared the top 5 reasons they participate in Capital Region CANstruction and a couple of photos from past years.


Top 5 Reasons we participate in CANstruction:

  1. The Food! Our team is committed to giving back to the community and helping our neighbors in need, and this provides us with an awesome and fun way to do so.
  2. The Team-work! CANstruction brings together people from different disciplines in our company and lets us work together towards the same goal outside of our everyday work.
  3. The Creativity Challenge!Everything from coming up with an idea to selecting cans and building the Can Structure challenges us to think creatively about what we’re doing and what our work might become. It’s not every day that you use pea soup to create hair on a super hero.
  4. The Structures! We love seeing what everyone else has made and it feels great to be a member of such an talented group of people.
  5. The Friendly Competition! It helps push us to be our best and donate as much money/food as possible.


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